G.G.Matvienko, Yu.M.Andreev, V.V.Badikov, P.P.Geiko, S.G.Grechin, A.I.Karapuzikov
"Wide band frequency converters for lidar systems"
Proceedings of SPIE, v.4546, 2002, p.119-126

      Estimations are carried out on creation possibilities of all solid state laser sources capable significantly or fully to solve the problem of the universal Aerosol-Gas Lidar System design. Best existing Ho2+:YLF and Nd3+:YAG lasers supplied with LBO, KTA, KTP, BBO, CLBO, DLAP, GaSe, GaSe:In, AgGaxIn1-xSe2, LiInS2, LiInSe2, AgGaS2, AgGaxIn1-xS2, and HgGa2S4 frequency converters are considered. The investigation results show development of UV to FIR laser source is really to carry out with efficiencies from one–two up to several tens per cents in several ways.

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