V.G.Dmitriev, S.G.Grechin
"Second harmonic generation in nonlinear crystals. (Professional handbook-calculation set of applied programs)"
VIII Conference on Laser Optics, 1995, v.2, p.367

      We report about design of the professional handbook-calculation set of applied programs with developed user interface for solution of the applied engineer-physical tasks for the second harmonic generation (SHG) in nonlinear optical crystals.

      All of the programs are based on the First Data Base of the optical-physical parameters for more then 45 nonlinear organic and inorganic, uniaxial and biaxil crystals. These parameters have supported by the bibliography (more then 500 references). The calculation-theoretical data of the fundamental parameters compare with experimental data. This comparing permits to verify the calculation models and formulas (first of all, the Sellmeyer's dispersion relations) and to select the model, that is adequate to experimental data.

      The First Data Base of the parameters includes the class and point symmetry group of the crystal, number of optical axis and angle between them (for biaxial crystals), Sellmeyer's dispersion relations, temperature derivatives for the refraction indices, losses coefficients (linear and nonlinear absorbtion), tensor nonlinear coefficients, angle of anisotropy, group velosities and dispersive spreading parameter, SRC- threshold and optical volume damage threshold etc.; all parameters determine in the wavelength and temperature diapasons.