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LID SoftTools

Laser Investigator and Designer
LID SoftTools - simulation and computation complex software
for investigation and designing of laser and non-linear optical devices
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"LID-FC" package
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Main application

      Professional Research, Development and Design of Laser Elements and Laser Devices. Training of All Levels Specialists.


      The program sets allow to create mathematical models of devices adequate to the experiments and to carry out comprehensive research for various optical schemes of lasers. They are beneficial and economical when developing laser devices; it enables specialists to study in detail the work of various schemes of lasers in different modes. More than 800 specialists were trained with the help of these programs.


  • "LID-FC "Non-lenear optical frequency conversion of laser radiation" (joint with RDI ROLYUS project) contains three main parts: database of 18 physical parameters of 85 crystals with bibliographical references; program of conditions analysis for generation of harmonics of laser radiation in a wide range of changes of wavelength, temperature and angles of orientation of crystals; and computation programs for analysis the frequency conversion processes.

  • "LID-DPSSAE "Diode pumped solid-state active elements" (joint with General Physics Institute of RAS project) allows you to investigate the processes of pumping for solid state active elements rectangular and cylindrical forms. Program allows to calculate the volumetric power of heat-release, temperature distribution, all streses componenet distributions, depolarization and length increasing of active element. Phase aberration are calculated for direct and zig-zag propagation of laser radiations inside the active elements.

  • "LID-PSSL "Pulsed solid-state lasers" consists of models of various complexity for research of pulse solid-state lasers on main types of active elements with various operating modes (active and passive Q-switch, generation single and series of pulses). The total number of optical schemes - about 200. Temporary calculations and calculations of functional dependences are carried out.

  • "LID-MCL "Diode pumped solid-state micro-chip lasers" is intended for investigation of energy, temporal and spatial parameters forming in end-diode-pumped solid-state lasers with active and passive Q-switch.

Our users

      Our program set you can see in France, Germany, England, Turkey, Israel, Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Armenia, and Russia also.