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LID SoftTools

Laser Investigator and Designer
LID SoftTools - simulation and computation complex software
for investigation and designing of laser and non-linear optical devices
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"LID-FC" package
"LID-DPSSAE" package
"LID-PSSL" package
"LID-MCL" package

"Nonlinear frequency conversion of laser radiation"

Main application

      LID-FC - is the HandBook-Calculation Set of the applied programs for solution the professional (investigation and design) and education tasks.

      Program set is intended for solution three problems of nonlinear frequency conversion of laser radiation:
        1. Selection of Nonlinear Crystals from First parameters DataBase for application tasks.
        2. Computation of phase-matching conditions, tuning curves, anlular, spectral and temperature widths, nonlinear coefficients, walk-off angles, orientation of eigen polarizations, and etc.
        3. Solution of frequency conversion tasks.

      Program Set LID-FC is based on General DataBase of First Parameters of Crystals, which consist of sistematized parameters on 87 crystals (18 physical parameters). All parameters contain bibliografy references.
      Directions of applications: - SHG, THG, SFG, DFG, OPA, OPO, and etc.

"LID-FC" package consists of:

System requirements:

        – MS-DOS (3.0 or higher);
        – Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS, OpenBSD, HP-UX etc.);
        – MacOS (8.0 or higher);
        – Windows (3.0 or higher);