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LID SoftTools

Laser Investigator and Designer
LID SoftTools - simulation and computation complex software
for investigation and designing of laser and non-linear optical devices
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"LID-FC" package
"LID-DPSSAE" package
"LID-PSSL" package
"LID-MCL" package

"Diode Pumped Solid State Active Elements"

Main application

      Program Set LID-DPSSAE is the HandBook-Calculation Program Set for the professional calculations and training of specialists.
      This program set allows you to make calculations for distribution of the volumetric power of heat-release in the active element (at arbitrary correlation of the absorption bandwidth and the radiation spectral width), the distribution of temperature on the active element cross-section, the distributions of thermoelastic stresses on the active element cross-section, active element optical length increasing for the laser radiation, depolarisation of the laser radiation passed through the active element (conoscope picture), the values of the focal length and the positions of the equivalent lens main plane. The computations are carry out for rectangular and cylindrical form of an active elements. Also program set allows to execute the modeling of interferograms, analysis of an experemental measured interferograms and comparison analysis ones.

"LID-DPSSAE" package consists of:

System requirements:

        – MS-DOS (3.0 or higher);
        – Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS, OpenBSD, HP-UX etc.);
        – MacOS (8.0 or higher);
        – Windows (3.0 or higher);