"LID-FC" — Temperature non-critical phase matching for SHG

      The traditional temperature mode (angular noncritical phase-matching in XOY plane) for SFF type of interaction on 1064 nm wavelength. Experimentally measured temperature (Fig. 1) bandwidth is 37C (length is 6,3 mm). Usually the KTP crystal in this mode is used.
      There is phase-matching direction in which temperature non-critical phase matching on 1064 nm in KTP crystal take place. Experimentally measured temperature bandwidth (Fig. 2) is 210C (length of crystal 7,7 mm).

Fig. 1       Fig. 2
Fig. 1                                                                   Fig. 2

      This experimental result was predicted with application LID-FC program set. All experimental investigations were made in Lomonosov MSU (July 1998) - Dr.V.I.Pryalkin, V.A.D'yakov.

      More detail:
          – Quantum Electronics (Rus), 1998, v.25, N11, p.963-964
          – Quantum Electronics (Rus), 1999, v.26, N1, p.77-81

      Only LID-FC program set allows you to calculate the noncritical temperature phase-matching for different crystals. Also this temperature mode takes place in other crystals (LBO, "Banana" and etc.). Also obtaining joint temperature and angular non-critical phase matching is possible. t is possible to show that temperature non-critical phase matching take place for THG, FHG, SFG, DFG, OPO, OPA, and other.
      For KTP crystal (SFF type of interaction) the loci of temperature noncritical directions can be presented as the following graph (pattern). Point of intersection with phase-matching direction (white curve) shows the temperature non-critical SHG phase matching (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3
Fig. 3