S.G.Grechin, V.G.Dmitriev, A.A.Kazakov
"To question about realization of the phase-matching conditions in optical parametric oscillator with multiply frequencies"
Laser News (Rus), 1998, N2, p.3-8

      The phase-matching conditions for OPO with multiple frequencies is discussed (OPO with SHG). It is shown that for such widely used nonlinear crystals as LiNbO3, LiNbO3:MgO, KTP, KTA, CTA and Ba2NaNb5O15 it is possible to obtain the generation near 1500 nm radiation when pumping of Nd-doped actve elements lasers radiation (YAG, YAP, YSGG, Glass, KGW, YLF, and etc.) is used.