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LID SoftTools

Laser Investigator and Designer
LID SoftTools - simulation and computation complex software
for investigation and designing of laser and non-linear optical devices
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"LID-FC" package
"LID-DPSSAE" package
"LID-PSSL" package
"LID-MCL" package

Trial versions of software

 "LID-FC "Nonlinear Frequency Conversion of Laser Radiation" 7,4 Мб (rus)  (eng)
 "LID-DPSSAE "Diode Pumped Solid State Active Elements" 3,3 Мб (rus)  (eng)
 "LID-PSSL "Pulsed Solid State Lasers" 3,6 Мб (rus)  (eng)
 "LID-MCL "Micro-Chip Diode Pumped Solid-State Lasers"

Add-ons for software

 Last crystals database for "LID-FC" 0,3 Мб (link)