S.G.Grechin, E.A.Sharandin, J.-Y.Son
"Methods and Programming Facility for Investigation and Development of Solid-State Lasers and Training Professionals"
17th Congress of the International Commission for Optics, 1996, p.173

      It is about development and use of packs of applied programs for researches and development of pulse solid state lasers and training of specialists on IBM PC/AT compatible computers. Base of work prescribes the technology of creation to adequate experiment of mathematical model for subsequent theoretical researches and development of laser devices with given output parameters.

      The packs of programs allow to carry out the calculations of energy, temporary and polarization parameters of radiation for lasers on schemes: generator - amplifier (one- and multipass) - second harmonic generator. The offered scheme of laser cascades permit to consider about 50 variants of scheme on 8 general types of active elements. At account multicascade lasers (on the basis of solution of coupling system of differential equations) the counter interaction of radiation, quality of elements (polarizer, Q-switch, reflection and depolarization of active element and etc.), reciprocal influence of cascades with each other are taken into account. This allows to solve the problem of complex optimization of lasers. The results are presented in the form of time and functional relations.

      Different complexity of laser models, made out in independent sections, are used in educational process. All models are agreed with results of experimental researches, comparison with which is possible at execution of calculations.

      As examples are considered the results of complex optimizations laser generator with account extreme of allowable beam loads on optical elements. It is shown, that the integrated criterion of quality of active element for solution of such tasks are the relation Ql/Qs (Ql - upper level of energy density at given resource work of element, Qs - saturation energy density of active element). For active elements of ruby, Nd-glass, YSGG:Nd3+ etc. type it not on many exceeds the unit. Then laser should have the coefficient of reflection of output mirror less optimum with the purpose of maintenance of given operating time. For elements of YAG:Nd3+, YVO4:Nd3+ and etc. type the parameter of quality much more units and output mirror can be optimized on maximum of efficiency.